12″ Foam Training Nunchaku with Cord

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Ideal training weapon, without the bruises !…

Foam Training Nunchaku

Foam Training NunchakuIdeal training weapon, without the bruises !

The Nunchaku, also known as “nunchucks” under western culture, is a traditional Okinawan weapon which is composed of two wooden sticks interconnected by way of a chain or a rope. The sources of the name are somewhat ambiguous but are considered to have been a Ryukyuan translation of Chinese symbols meaning “two section staff”.
belongs to the Ryukyu Islands belonging to Japan and is situated towards the south of the Japanese mainland; it is the 5th largest island in Japan and possesses a rich historical background that is mainly centred on military action.
is considered to be the home of Japanese Martial Arts. It’s also considered to be the birthplace of Karate and Okinawan Kobudo.
Okinawan Kobudo
translates to “old martial way of Okinawa” and is the learning and practice of conventional Japanese weaponry of which the nunchaku is a member. Kobudo was historically taught and practised by the occupants of Okinawa in an effort to defend themselves against the Samurai. Rigid restrictions meant that possession of weaponry was outlawed so in their place, Okinawans would make use of traditional agricultural equipment to develop the foundation of their fighting system.
It is
generally thought that each weapon used in Kobudo can be traced back to agricultural usage. The bo for instance is a six foot long staff which used to be placed along the shoulders to assist in load bearing. The Tonfa, most noted as a standard piece of equipment carried by many police forces around the globe, was formerly used in the process of grinding grain. The Nunchaku is by no means different and also shares a similar history; it is considered that the original use for the nunchaku was as a rice threshing instrument however, there are other theories which see the weapon put to use as a horse bit or as a noise making device to alert villagers of imminent danger.

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